8D Games


8D Games develops Serious Games, which are games that make a contribution to society. By creating Serious Games, they are able to offer solutions for problems in a fun and engaging way.

Quebble Research & Development


Quebble Research & Development is a company that develops software in order to improve the communication to and around a child.

I have done an internship at this company and when I was done with that I proceeded to work at this company. My role at this company was allround designer.

Some of the activities I have done here are improving the design on the different software applications that Quebble developed, designing banners and flyers and creating the presentations that are being used when presenting to clients.

Dousma & Dousma


Dousma & Dousma was a printing company in Leek that focussed on presswork.

This is why I did many presswork related activities here like business cards, posters, birth cards, flyers etcetera.

Most projects I have done here came from clients, which is why I have worked with many of them.

Waterscouting de Bevers


De Bevers is a waterscoutinggroup, which means the group does many water-related activities of which the most importantly one is sailing.

During the time I have been active here, I learned the children how to sail and I have organized the different camps and other activities for all three branches within this group (7 till 10 year olds, 11 till 15 year olds and 16 till 18 year olds).