Mondo Companion App

A proof of concept that we developed with a team for White Goblin Games. We created an companion app that supports players to more easily play Mondo, which is a board game in which multiple players build an island with different tiles that contain different biomes and animals. The main feature of the companion is automatically calculating the points the player should get based on how they placed down their tiles.

We used a library that specializes in Augmented Reality which is called Vuforia in order to recognize the tiles that are being scanned by the camera and we redesigned the tiles to have more detail to enable Vuforia to more easily recognize the tiles.

When playing, the player is able to point the camera on the tiles, which will result in that the landscape and the animals the player has put down will come alive on their screens!

When the scanning is complete the player will be send to the scoring screen, which shows the player the complete islands, mistakes, animals and other point-modifiers they have received.

(Design not final)