I helped with the development of this project. This game was to help children that are on the autistic spectrum with dealing with social interactions as this can be quite difficult at times.

In the game, the player takes control of a mail deliverer that gets a unaddressed letter. The goal is to find out who the owner of the letter is, this player can achieve this by interacting with the different people found on the island. During the interactions with the different people, the player will go through a conversation. After each sentence the player has to make a choice on what to say, one choice will be more appropiate then the other. After each conversation the player gets a summary on what went well and what could have some improvement.

For this project, I helped to implement a new chapter to the story. This includes placing the new characters that were made, implementing the new conversations and adding a cutscene.
Additionally, I did number of bugfixes and improved the performance of the game.

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